Introduction of Brush washing machine

Brush washing machine can clean and wash fruits and vegetables, such as potato, apple, citrus, lemon,orange, honey pomelo, mango etc. to make the appearance look bright, and improve the fruit price for sale. At the same time, after washing, a layer of wax membrane will be coated on the fruit to keep the fruit away from bacteria and elongate the fruit and vegetable storage time.







Features of Brush washing machine

  1. Advanced nylon brush wire, Seiko brush, wear not down hair, can clean the cleaner, more shiny.
  2. Machine thicker steel production, durable. Wheel four support, easy to move.
  3. Double-row industrial chain drive, wear resistance, greater capacity, safe and reliable.
  4. pulley motor, the device starts more stable, lower noise, longer life.

Parameters of Brush washing machine


Model SLFW-500 SLFW-2000
Overall dimension 1800*800*900mm 6000*1000*1300mm
Power consumption 1.65 kw/h 23 kw/h
Capacity 500kg/h 2t/h
Voltage 380v/50hz 380v/50hz
Stainless steel beverage pump 0.55kw,flow 1t/h 0.75kw,flow 3t/h
Weight 300kg 450kg

commercial washing machine

electric washing machine


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