Continuous fryer machineIntroduction

The continuous fryer machine is suitable for frying all kinds of foods (such as tofu, chicken, fish, meatloaf, peanuts, meatballs, potato chips, French fries, etc.). The continuous fryer machine can solve the problem of excessive acidification of fried food.













  1. The water supply valveof continuous fryer machineis located at the lower oil layer, water can be added at any time, it will not affect the frying work, and a check valve is provided. This solves the problem of stopping the water and pouring the oil back into the water pipe during the watering process.
  2. The bottom water is provided with a temperature measuring device, and the water temperature is clearly displayed. When the temperature is higher than the set temperature, cooling measures can be taken to prevent the boiling of water in advance.
  3. The oil-water separation surface is provided with an observation device for accurate observation.
  4. The food residue generated during the frying process can be sedimented into the bottom funnel by filtration of water and discharged through the sewage outlet, thus achieving the function of filtering oil without wasting oil.


Model Power Capacity Size Weight
3500 80kw 500kg/h 3500*1200*2400mm 1000kg
4000 100kw 600kg/h 4000*1200*2400mm 1200kg
5000 120kw 800kg/h 5000*1200*2400mm 1500kg
6000 180kw 1000kg/h 6000*1200*2400mm 1800kg
8000 200kw 1500kg/h 8000*1200*2600mm 2000kg

Continuous fryer machine

Continuous fryer machine

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